Our Story

One day, an inspired mom, said to her friend, “We should start a Mother’s Group, a Catholic Mother’s Group.” Her friend, a stay at-home-mom, who lives by her faith, jumped at the idea. These two moms realized that the more they shared their experiences with other moms, the more apparent it was that other moms were going through the same struggles. By placing their trust in God, they realized that their struggles and anxieties had a way of turning out for the best. It was this idea that they wanted to share with other moms and  St. Jerome’s Catholic Mother’s Group was born!

St. Jerome’s Catholic Mother’s Group has been operating since 2015 and is located  at St. Jerome’s Parish (Rm. B). It is a casual, friendly, and supportive atmosphere that is growing in the Brampton community.  This Mother’s Group offers the fellowship and resources that mothers need to nurture both their faith and families. Whether you are a new mom or a grandmother in your retirement years, St. Jerome’s Mother’s Group offers you a chance to exchange ideas, thoughts and tips on parenting and marriage and all from the strength of a Catholic faith-based perspective. There are also various opportunities to volunteer in your community (no pressure). Read faith- inspiring books with our book exchange library, share cooking tips and recipes, watch inspiring movies, enjoy great company and make new friends!